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Too many students and not enough cameras?

When school started, I found myself in a position that I am sure many of you have been in: not enough cameras or editing computers and too many students in my beginning broadcast classes. After a couple weeks of pulling my hair out with trying to figure out how to manage this situation, I came up with the following rotation. We are on the third rotation, and it has been working well. You could modify to fit your needs in many ways, depending on your situation. I have 8 groups of 4, with 4 positions. It serves several purposes:

•They rotate through all four positions, so they are learning all the jobs necessary

•Gets B-roll for the Advanced class and future projects

•Only need one camera for a group, which solves the camera dilemma


You'll be divided into groups of 4. No, you don't get to pick. :) We will rotate through so that in the next few weeks,  everyone will do every position.

In your groups, you'll have:

•Editor (edits the footage together with shooter)

•Shooter (takes the shots and helps shooter edit)

•Talent (does stand up and helps write with producer)

•Producer (plans the whole package and oversees it)


•You’ll be given a basic place in the building to come up with a story idea involving that place.

•Complete the script worksheet together

Get approval from Higgins before shooting

•Producer, shooter and talent shoots the package.

•Editor downloads footage properly, finishes job and exports to WREN


•Tuesday--Explanations, pick story location, do script worksheet, get approval from Higgins

•Wednesday/Thursday--Shoot footage

•Thursday/Friday--edit package

Must be exported by Friday afternoon

Grading Scale--  -5 for each day late

•10 points for shooting (rule of 3rds, proper B-roll, good lighting, no shaky footage, natural sounds)

•10 points for writing (good transitions, appropriate stand ups)

•10 points for overall appeal (good flow, natural, holds attention, done well)

•10 points for clean editing (fade up from black, clean edits, b-roll used right)

Locations for first assignment:

•Attendance/Security office

•Front office

•Nurses office


•Guidance office


•New wing


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