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The Ultimate Commitment

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Looking for a way for your staff to really bond after training or a tough week or just because? Have a wedding! It sounds a little crazy, but the kids love it and remember it throughout the rest of your year.

Some of you who were at KJI this year may have already heard my pitch for why a wedding is the perfect way to start off your school year, but for those of you who weren't there, here it is again... because it is just SO much fun!

I serve as "officiant" (download my script here) and have students write their own "vows" within the ceremony (i.e. "I vow to bring food to every food day, make deadlines, be nice, etc.). We post ours on a bulletin board afterward to remind us of what we have committed to. When it comes to exchanging of the rings, we use Ring Pops. At the conclusion of the "ceremony" we blow tiny bubbles (get them at Dollar Tree) and eat wedding cake. Editors give toasts. This year, we even had a lip sync battle (after the obligatory Cha Cha Slide dance) in maestro groups.

TIPS: - Dollar Tree has tons of cheap but fun wedding decor, utensils, plates, balloons, Ring Pops and bubbles. We even throw the bouquet! - Make it even more fun with traditional (or non-traditional) wedding music playing, girls dressing in wedding dresses or everyone wearing white (or a wedding color). - Before the wedding, do a round of "speed dating" to get to know each other better before making a commitment. - After Winter Break, "renew your vows" and help students recommit to another semester!

I know other schools in the KC area do something like this, so feel free to post comments or pictures of your staff weddings! It really is the "perfect day."

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