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The "Reverse Psychology" of Interview Questions

One of my favorite things about being a journalism teacher is the fact that we're all so willing to share, and I know that is particularly true of my Blue Valley colleagues.

At our last PLC meeting, the fabulous Debbie Glenn of Blue Valley West gave us this idea for when we're teaching our J1 students how to write good interview questions — the idea of "reverse psychology."

In order to develop skills as an interviewer, a reporter must understand what questions to ask and how to ask them. So, after you discuss direct, indirect and partial quotes, give your students this worksheet to help them identify what kind of quote it is and consider what the question might have been in order to get the quote provided in the article.

Here are the files I used with my students. Feel free to borrow steal them!

Reverse Psychology - PDF     or     Reverse Psychology - InDesign

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