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Online Senior Ad Submission

So we tried something new this year at Blue Valley High — we asked parents to submit all senior ad content online — crazy, right?!

I set up the form on Survey Gizmo (super easy, by the way). I then linked all of the survey information to a Google Sheet.

Here are some perks we've noticed so far:

When I ask for a 50-word limit on an eighth-page ad, they can't progress through the form unless it's 50 words or less. Also, while designing, students just have to copy/paste from the Google Sheet — it's exactly what the parents submitted.For the first deadline, we had TWO checks. Out of 168 submissions. Amazing. (We have parents pay on Vendini. It charges us like 4 percent of the total, but if you wanted, you could charge that to the parents. It's totally worth it, in my opinion! There are also probably other sites that charge a lower fee, but this is the one used at my school.)Everything is uploaded at once. Very rarely did we wait on an extra photo coming from a photographer/hard copy submission/etc.Surprisingly, we had fewer issues with low-quality photos submitted.

Below is a series of screenshots I took from my phone. The submission process is broken down a bit more on the phone than it is on the computer, but this allows more of a step-by-step explanation.

Here is a link to the online submission form. Feel free to mess with it. We are done with senior ad submissions already, so it won't mess us up if you submit something. You can also see what the confirmation looks like if you enter a valid email address.

Also, here is a copy of our senior ad information sheet with FAQs we send to parents. By all means, look it over.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me. My email address is

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