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JEMKC Awards: Broadcast Monday!

As April starts to wind down and we prepare for yearbook deliveries, senior issues of the newspaper, and final broadcasts of the year, JEMKC is ready to share the winners of our annual student contest.

As a reminder, the contest announcement will be virtual this year since the JEA/NSPA NHSJC was in Kansas City, requiring most of the board’s planning power. Check the schedule below to see when your students work might be recognized!


  • Monday — all Broadcast contests announced

  • Tuesday — all Newspaper contests announced

  • Wednesday — all Online contests announced

  • Thursday — all Yearbook contests announced

  • Friday — all Sweepstakes winners & Scholarship awards announced


We are so proud to celebrate all of your students and their work!

Certificates and feedback will be available for advisers to access in the coming weeks after all five days of announcements are shared. Scholarship winners and their advisers will be notified, and payments will be sent before the end of the school year.


Before your school year ends, please take a moment to fill out the JEMKC member survey. We are hoping to restart some of our adviser-focused events and activities next school year, and your input is incredibly valuable as we figure out what these things should look like.

We are pleased to announce the following Broadcast awards:

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